Craig Thomas

AngularJS front-end contractor amongst other things.

Current things

GDG Cardiff Organiser

I'm one of three organisers for the only official Google Developer Group in Wales.

We meet once a month and cover every possible Google technology we can get our hands on. From VR, to Android, to Python, we've held a meetup and had a play.

Sep 2015 - Present | Cardiff
pwinty logo
Senior Developer

I'm responsible for the the front end of which allows you to sell photos without having to do any of the printing or shipping. Love the role and being part of a great team.

Jul 2015 - Present | Cardiff
I'm Available

I'm available for hire on a limited basis. Preferably remote, or South Wales based.

Past things

indee logo

Great opportunity to take the web development agency model to the next level and transform into a product development company.

Apr 2016 - Oct 2016 | Remote
tidy digital logo
Tidy Digital

Tidy was an innovative User Experience and Data Science consultancy. Lots of ups and downs, and many lessons learned. I would recommend you check out the full story.

Oct 2012 - Jan 2016 | Cardiff and Bournemouth
data science

One of my oldest projects from 2009. 'Psyduction' is a term I personally coined to describe the psycology of dating.

I started the blog with the aim of discovering and investigating the psychological understanding of dating, inside and out. Very popular at the time, but since retired.

Aug 2009 - Mar 2013
marlow culture hub wireframe
Marlow Culture Hub

Freelance project to create an in house 'culture hub' where employees could share, encourage, and generally interact with the company culture. Client very happily signed off the wireframes with minor feedback.

May 2016
adido logo

I was employed at Adido as a Usability Consultant and Head of the Usability Department between 2010 to 2013 in Bournemouth.

I then started a new role as an 'innovator' which effectively allowed me, alongside the Head of Technical to start the ground work of establishing the newly formed product R&D side of Adido between 2013 to 2015.

Dec 2010 - Jul 2015 | Bournemouth and Remote
product development

My first successful website. Started in 2008 and racked up over 600k unique visitors which made me a small income from Google adsense.

Enlightr was my way of taking self improvement information from all over the web and summarising into meaningful, referencable chunks. This was very successful at the time as information overload was becoming an issue. I've since retired the project.

Dec 2008 - Mar 2013
self improvement
boardroom network wireframe
The Boardroom Network

An exciting freelance opportunity for the Boardroom Network which is one of the South of England's biggest networking events.

I produced a rough mock up of where we can take things with user experience. They were very impressed, and hope to move towards these ideas in the near future.

Aug 2016
Website IP

My first dive into Chrome browser extensions. Simply put, it adds the IP of the current website you are viewing to the bottom right.

When I created this in 2011, nothing like this existed for Chrome, whereas it did for Firefox. So I created this extension to scratch my itch. And seemingly, over 50,000 others too.

Aug 2011 - Present
chrome extension
code club logos dancing
Wales National Coordinator

Responsible for growing Code Club's throughout Wales and ensuring our shared goal of making sure no child misses the opportunity to learn coding as a skill.

A role I absolutely loved, but had to move on. I still however support Code Club and education in Wales wherever I can.

Jun 2014 - Apr 2016 | Wales

jGravity adds gravity to either all or specified elements within a page. Very similar to how Google presented 'Google Gravity' in an earlier Google easter egg.

I created this jquery plugin because one simply didn't exist and its something I wanted to include in a project. Various other projects contributed heavily to this plugin (mentioned fully on GitHub).

Apr 2012

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